Monday, May 22, 2006

lost world?

I was just reading an interesting item in last week's New York Press about a documentary in the making about Jack Kerouac and On the Road. Jim Knipfel makes a point that had me thinking: have we lost the kind of freedom that Kerouac describes in On the Road? Your $0.02, please.


Thomas Westgard said...

Maybe. But when Kerouac was writing that book, living the life he was living, that sort of thing wasn't done. Later, in the 60's, people would try to imitate him, but not only were those imitations a matter of being a follower, but there were a lot of people doing it. I still love road trips, to the point of having seen every old Wim Wenders movie there is. But that's all post-Jack.

In a way, it becomes more meaningful to have a system to buck, rather than having the freedom to do it, freely. I mean, don't you enjoy saying "terrorist" and "bomb" at least once in every phone conversation, just in case?

Fargo said...

Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool Aid Acid Test is another interesting variant on freedom and bucking the system, a different sort of escape.