Friday, March 24, 2006

On Kafka

A few thoughts on Kafka seem appropriate on this loopy Friday. Wish I could take credit for writing this one, but I'm happy to share it.


Anonymous said...

Well thank you for that lusciously reasoned and coherently framed discussion of Kafka and humor and the American psyche, and for introducing me to the word "lallating," which I gather to mean "singing lullabies," or "lullabying." I have wondered for some time whether adolescence is a prolonged psychotic episode, as I have heard it described. This guy thinks so, I think, but obviously loved his students nonetheless. And boy, can he write!

Fargo said...

It was a pleasure to discover such a choice bit of writing and be able to share it.

Ficciones said...

Lallating means infants' speech or something that sounds like it.